Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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Should Vegans Promote This Bill Maher Video? Ep 226

We've got a cornucopia of an episode this week. First up Andy recounts his experience getting tested for COVID-19 and the past 10 days worth of health struggles. Then we ...

Is Saved By The Barn The Antidote To Tiger King? Ep 225

In this week's mini episode, the Bearded Vegans decide to take a break from the pandemic doom and gloom and review the first episode of Saved By The Barn, a ...

Assigning Blame: COVID-19 & The Environment – Ep 224

In the midst of the COVID-19, news has come out that there has been a significant drop in humanity's environmental impact. Many have taken the opportunity to push a "humans ...

When Abusers Become Memes: The Public Response To Tiger King – Ep 223

When Tiger King was first released, Paul and Andy quickly viewed the whole series and recorded two bonus episodes reviewing and discussing its content. While the initial release quickly gained ...

Is It Time To Retire “Meat Is Murder”? Ep 222

This week, Paul and Andy dive back into the vegan response to the COVID-19 pandemic with specific examples of those claiming a plant based diet makes one immune to the ...

Vegan For The… Coronavirus? Ep 221

In this week's mini episode Paul and Andy are talking about the vegan community's response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With claims that being vegan makes one immune to the ...

The Last Mailbag On Earth – Ep 220

This week throw on our hazmat suits and cautiously trek into the mailbag to answer listener questions, comments, and concerns. Questions range from the lighthearted, such as our all time ...

The Limits Of The Vegan Lens – Ep 219

What's up, beardos?! While we, obviously, believe that veganism frames the way we look at the world, in today's mini-episode we ponder if there are occasions where judging things, or ...

The Curious Case Of Ethica Global + News Roundup – Ep 218

This week Paul and Andy bring back the news roundup where they discuss a variety of news stories that have recently caught their interest. Stories include Happy the elephant being ...

Is Disrupting Bernie Sanders A Win For Animals? Ep 217

In this week's mini-episode, The Bearded Vegans break down the recent disruption of Bernie Sanders in the name of anti-dairy activism. They'll discuss the pros and cons of this particular ...