This week we are taking a look at wild animal suffering. It’s a complex topic that brings up a lot of questions and mixed feelings. Is it an issue? If so, is it something that humans should attempt to intervene in? Do initiatives that end up helping predator animals (such as building bird boxes) actually create more harm than good? Are there ways we could help wild animals that wouldn’t drastically affect the ecosystem? Is maintaining an ecosystem a good justification for allowing animals to be harmed? 

We’ll discuss some of the ways that humans are already intervening in wild animal suffering and some of the groups that are pushing for the rest of us to take it seriously. Ultimately we take a look at an argument making the rounds in the world of vegan youtube: in order to stay ethically consistent we must kill carnivores. It’s about to get messy!

A transcript of this episode will be available here on August 25th.

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