While doing our usual rounds searching various news sites as we prepare for the next episode, we came across that caught our attention, but not for immediately obvious reasons. The story: a non-vegan posted an entirely plant based tofu dish in a vegan recipe group. The non-vegan was then accused of culturally appropriating veganism. But here’s the thing, despite getting a fresh round of news-aggregate posts in 2021, this minor story actually originated in 2018, and then resurfaced again in 2019. Each time the details change slightly. 

We’ll talk about the merits of the story itself, but we’re more interested in why this particular set of text-message screen shots keeps getting put online with a slightly different veneer. Is it just outrage click bait fuel for a slow news day, or something more sinister? File this one under “internet oddities and curiosities that made us scratch our heads”.  It’s time to speculate wildly!

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