This week we’ve got some a little different from our usual fare. We love to talk about process and behind the scenes decisions making, and as we approach our six year podcast anniversary it felt appropriate to team up with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, co-hosts of Our Hen House, to talk about what it takes to keep our shows going and what motivates us to continue our shows far into the future. 

OHH is celebrating their 600th episode, and has been releasing weekly episodes for nearly twice as long as we have. While our shows are vastly different in format, we’ve found the struggles of keeping long running podcasts have a lot of common ground. It’s rare for us to talk to other people who are in our shoes and this was fun opportunity to commiserate with the OHH crew about the ups and downs of co-host relationships, handling listener feedback, figuring out what should (and shouldn’t) be topics on the show and much much more!

A transcript of this episode is available here!

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