Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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Are Your Taxes Cancelling Your Veganism? w/ Laura Reese and Connie Spence – TBV Classics

What's up, beardos?! This week we bring back a classic interview that is quite possibly our most referenced. Of course, nothing can truly "cancel out" one's personal vegan practice, but ...

Eating Our Way To Extinction – Film Review – Ep 292

This week we've got a surprise film review of Eating Our Way To Extinction, which releases on Sept 16th. Andy backed this film on Indiegogo back in 2017 and since ...

Is It Time To Retire The Phrase “Vegan For The Animals”? – Ep 291

This week we continue our "Is It Time To Retire ______" series by looking at three slogans/phrases that are often used within the animal rights movement and ask if they ...

28 Mailbags Later – Ep 290

It's time to reach into the mailbag and attempt to answer a whole host of listener questions, including: With no sentient life to harm, is Mars the perfect vegan world? ...

Killing Carnivores & The Quest To End Wild Animal Suffering – Ep 289

This week we are taking a look at wild animal suffering. It's a complex topic that brings up a lot of questions and mixed feelings. Is it an issue? If ...

Vaccines & Vegan Ethics w/ Dr. Priyumvada Naik – Ep 288

With vegans that are hesitant to take the COVID vaccine due to animal testing, we figured this would be a good time to explore our position on taking vaccines (as ...

Can We Actually Force People To Go Vegan? Ep 287

This week we are looking at a recent development in Berkeley, CA in which the city council passed a resolution that the city will start serving vegan food at public ...

Mailbag’s Baby – Ep 286

This week we answer three listener questions in our mini-mailbag. Questions include: How do you feel about the statement that "humane meat" is actually worse than factory farmed meat due ...

Meat Me Halfway: Is Reducetarianism Evolving? Ep 285

This week we've got a fun and lengthy deep dive into Meat Me Halfway, the latest effort from the Reducetarian camp to "meet people where they are". Reducetarians take the ...

Why Does This Story Keep Coming Back? Ep 284

While doing our usual rounds searching various news sites as we prepare for the next episode, we came across that caught our attention, but not for immediately obvious reasons. The ...