Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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BONUS: Animal Liberation & Fat Justice – Andy on Hope For The Animals Podcast.

This week we have to turn in our Extenuating Life Circumstances card. Instead of a regularly recorded episode, we'll be playing an interview that Andy did on the Hope For ...

Entomophagy vs. Veganism – Ep 281

This week we are talking about entomophagy - the practice of eating insects. As humanity searches for ways to live more sustainability on this planet, some entrepreneurs are trying to ...

Should Vegans Care About Insects? TBV Classics

I'll tell you whats up, beardos! The cicadas are back (baby!) and we're gonna talk about those who want to eat them and the general movement to get western consumers ...

Mailbag Of The Dead – Ep 280

It's time for another mailbag, where we answer your listener questions, comments and concerns. Topics this week include: Will we ever join Clubhouse? The Last Pig title mystery solved... maybe ...

The Vegan Language Police – Ep 279

This week we do a deep dive into anti-speciesist language. We'll look at a variety of ways in which our langue potentially shapes a world that devalues animals. Then we'll ...

Revisiting: Picking Our Battles – TBV Classics

This week we bring back another classic episode from the vault. Originally airing in May of 2018, this is a continuation of last week's episode, this time we hone in ...

Revisiting “Learning When To Shut Up” – TBV Classics

This week we are pulling a classic episode out of the archives, dusting it off, and providing some additional commentary. Back in May of 2018 we recored an episode entitled ...

Can We Debate Our Way To Animal Liberation? Ep 278

We recently made a post entitled "Don't Debate Me, Bro!" in which we poke and prod at something we are terming "debate me bro activism". But you know we are ...

When Animal Exploiters Co-Opt Vegan Messaging – Ep 277

This week we look at the curious case of vegan (or vegan-adjacent) phrases and messaging that are being co-opted by animal exploiters. Starting with an advertisement for plant based menthol ...

The Last Pig film review – Ep 276

This week we wrap up our run of media reviews with a look at The Last Pig. This film, by Emmy award winning director Allison Argo, started making the festival ...