Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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Do Vegans Need Allies? Ep 243

In this week's mini episode, the Bearded Vegans dissect a recent post trying to push the term "vegan ally" as a way to describe those who aren't. If vegans aren't ...

Is This Dude A Jerk For Starting A Meat-Eaters-Only Club? Ep 242

This week Paul and Andy weigh in on a debate raging across the internet: is this dude an asshole for starting a meat-eaters-only club at his workplace in response to ...

The Five Year Follow Up – Ep 241

Believe it or not, this episode marks our five year podcast anniversary! A lot has changed since we first started, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate by ...

The Mailbag In The Woods – Ep 240

This week Paul and Andy bask in the warm sunny glow of the mailbag, where they will do their best to respond to listener questions, comments, and concerns. Topics covered ...

Should We Promote Veganism As A Way To Support Slaughterhouse Workers? Ep 239

In this week's episode, The Bearded Vegans discuss an email asking if it is effective and truthful to promote veganism as a way to address the plight of slaughterhouse workers ...

GASLIGHT: The Thug Kitchen Story – Part 2 – Ep 238

This week we conclude our deep dive into the controversial history of, and backlash against, Thug Kitchen. Having explored the context and history of the brand in part 1, we ...

GASLIGHT: The Thug Kitchen Story – Part 1 – Ep 237

After nearly a decade of profiting off of cultural appropriation, Thug Kitchen finally announced they would be changing their name. This news prompted strong responses from both their supporters as ...

Is A Shame-Based Toxic Culture Turning Vegans Plant Based? – Ep 236

This week we bring you a very classic TBV episode, both in terms of form and content. We bring back What We've Been Eating to talk about to briefly mention ...

Do Survivalist Reality Shows Actually Make A Great Case For Veganism? Ep 235

In this week's mini episode we ask if survivalist reality shows are secretly making a case for veganism. The discussion is framed by taking a closer look at the History ...

Catapulting Squirrels: Does Harm Define Abuse? Ep 234

About a month ago we recorded this video but we held onto it in favor of releasing some more timely material. As we continue to work on some more ambitious ...