Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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The Limits Of The Vegan Lens – Ep 219

What's up, beardos?! While we, obviously, believe that veganism frames the way we look at the world, in today's mini-episode we ponder if there are occasions where judging things, or ...

The Curious Case Of Ethica Global + News Roundup – Ep 218

This week Paul and Andy bring back the news roundup where they discuss a variety of news stories that have recently caught their interest. Stories include Happy the elephant being ...

Is Disrupting Bernie Sanders A Win For Animals? Ep 217

In this week's mini-episode, The Bearded Vegans break down the recent disruption of Bernie Sanders in the name of anti-dairy activism. They'll discuss the pros and cons of this particular ...

Should We Celebrate Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar Speech? Ep 216

This week the bearded duo weigh in on the speech that broke the vegan internet. As Joaquin Phoenix accepted his Academy Award for Best Actor, he remarked upon the commonality ...

Freedom Of Speech VS. The “Emotional Risk” Of Student Activism. Episode 215

In today's "mini" episode we talk about the complicated case of a student animal rights group being denied official status with the college due to both the "emotional risk" of ...

What The Hell Happened In January? Episode 214

We took the month of January off and wow did a lot of lawsuit related things happen during the time! We'll go over what we missed, including ethical veganism being ...

Vegan For The… Amazon? Starter Guide 4

This week we bring back a whopper of an episode this week as we do a deep dive into the Amazon forest fires and the subsequent vegan reaction. Many in ...

Why Misanthropy Is Bad For Veganism – Starter Guide 3

This week we are taking a look back at episode 101 in which we discuss why we feel misanthropy (a hatred of mankind) is counter productive to the vegan goal ...

Do Animals Need To Die To Create The Perfect Plant Based Burger? Starter Guide 2

This week we bring back a discussion about the peril's of ultra realistic vegan meats by asking if it is possible to create a perfect replica of animal's flesh without ...

How Do We Combat The Backfire Effect – Starter Guide 1

In the first part of our Bearded Vegans Starter Guide, we take a look back on Episode 96 - How Do We Combat The Backfire Effect? This is a phenomenon ...