Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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When Animal Exploiters Co-Opt Vegan Messaging – Ep 277

This week we look at the curious case of vegan (or vegan-adjacent) phrases and messaging that are being co-opted by animal exploiters. Starting with an advertisement for plant based menthol ...

The Last Pig film review – Ep 276

This week we wrap up our run of media reviews with a look at The Last Pig. This film, by Emmy award winning director Allison Argo, started making the festival ...

Gunda Film Review – Ep 275

This week we review Gunda, the long awaited film directed by Victor Kossakovsky and executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix. Gunda tells the story of the titular pig, her piglets, some ...

Will Save Ralph Put The Final Nail In The Cosmetic Animal Testing Coffin? Ep 274

This week we kick off a string of media reviews by taking a deeper look at Save Ralph, a short from produced by Human Society International. Done in the stop ...

Is It Time To Retire The Phrase “Why Love One But Eat The Other”? Ep 273

This week we bring you the next episode in our "Is it time to retire..." series. This time we take a deep dive look at "Why love one, but eat ...

Seaspiracy review – Ep 272

This week we review Seaspiracy, the Netflix original documentary examining the impact of industrial aquatic animal exploitation. Somewhat of a spiritual sequel to Cowspiracy, this film has been making waves ...

Hunger Relief & Brand Accountability w/ Kimberly Renee – Ep 271

This week we are joined by Kimberly Renee Barnes, an amazing activist that gets the work done. Kimberly is a self-taught private chef, on-air personality, and the founder of Might ...

Invasion Of The Mailbag Snatchers – Ep 270

It's mailbag time, where we respond to your questions, comments and concerns, as well as do a little housekeeping. Topics covered include the future of vegfests, how to talk to ...

Vegan Kit Kats & The Infinite Time Loop Of Despair – Ep 269

Nestle recently announced they would be releasing a vegan version of their popular Kit Kat candy bar. It's no secret that Nestle is mustache-twirlingly-evil, with a lengthy history of extra ...

Rewind: Revisiting Topics From The Last Three Months – Ep 268

Over the last few months we took a "break" and then had a slew of collab and interview episodes which didn't leave space for us to do our usual follow ...