Join the friendly duo of Paul and Andy every week for a discussion about all things vegan including news, reviews, interviews and issues within the vegan community. And in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t talk about their beards!

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Will The Impossible Whopper Do Anything To Save Animals? Ep 182

With plant based meats continuing to take the fast food world by storm, it was only a matter of time before a major player stepped up to the plate. Burger ...

Why Is Just Foods Serving Meat? Episode 181

This week The Bearded Vegans weigh in on the controversy taking the vegan internet by storm! It was revealed that at a recent Just Egg party, the company decided to ...

Mailbag to Busan – Episode 180

The time has come for Paul and Andy to break open the ol mailbag and answer your questions, comments and concerns. They'll mull over whether or not we would be ...

Is Blocking Traffic A Win For Animals? Episode 179

This week The Bearded Vegans continue their analysis of the recent high profile vegan protests in Australia. With mass demonstrations across multiple cities causing slaughterhouses and traffic to shut down ...

What Went Down in Australia? Episode 178

This week's news Australian cycle has been dominated with tales of direct action and civil disobedience leading to multiple arrests, plenty of frustrated commuters and more think-pieces than you can ...

73 Cows Review – Episode 177

In this week's mini episode, The Bearded Vegans review 73 Cows, a British short film about a farmer raising cows for their flesh who makes the decision to give it ...

Are We Too Focused On Making New Vegans? w/ Jake Conroy – Episode 176

This week The Bearded Vegans are pleased to bring you a thought provoking interview with Jake Conroy aka The Cranky Vegan. Building off his activist history, including the SHAC campaign, ...

Does The Ethical Argument Fail Veganism? Episode 175

As Paul and Andy delve deeper into the world of ex-veganism, they came across an article asserting that the health argument is, in fact, the only motivating factor that will ...

Ex-Vegans Part 2: When Health Fails – Episode 174

This week Paul and Andy continue their Ex Vegan series with an exploration of the phenomenon of the ex-vegan blogger who had to give up on their plant based diet ...

Understanding Road Blocks On A Vegan Journey w/ Jaime K – Ep 173

This week The Bearded Vegans continue their "ex-vegan" series with Jaime K (Save The Kales), bringing her on for a very vulnerable and brave conversation regarding a time in her ...