This week The Bearded Vegans dive into a very tricky topic, invasive species. The more Paul and Andy looked into the topic, the more they realized how highly unique every situation and species is. So while they will speak broadly on the idea of “invasive species”, they will mostly zero in on an email they received about the spotted lantern fly. These insects have been declared invasive in Pennsylvania and the state has started a campaign to promote their eradication. One of the most common solutions is to a apply a layer of sticky tape around trees, to catch the bugs. Problem is, this tape also catches all sorts of non-invasive insects, as well as some birds as large as a hawk. A local vegan group is considering making a video to show people how they can combat the lanternflies, without harming other animals. But one member is questioning if this is the work vegans should be doing. Paul and Andy will do their best to suss it all out!

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