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Roll to Hit is a live play, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Join in on the adventure as our heroes go on epic quests, battle fierce monsters, level up, and find sweet loot. If you’d like to help out the show, consider becoming a backer on our Patreon or picking up a sweet tshirt!

Episode Description

Despite promises from Lord Tharivol that the cave was harmless and uninhabited, our heroes find themselves in the thick of a deadly underground labyrinth, full of claustrophobic passageways leading to dangerous dens. With their only hope of getting out to furiously battle through the monsters, and their only hope of getting paid to meticulously search for an elusive mushroom, who will crack first under the pressure?

Our cast includes:

David – Dungeon Master and creator of the campaign
Paul – Sherlock Gnomes, Gnome Detective
Rob – Talon, the Half-Elf Sorcerer/Monk
Josiah – Ezzir, the Drow Elf Monk
Shawn – Thaddeus, the Half-Orc Paladin

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