I’ll tell you whats up, beardos! The cicadas are back (baby!) and we’re gonna talk about those who want to eat them and the general movement to get western consumers to embrace entomophagy. But before we dive into that discussion we thought it would be good to bring back an older episode in which we break down the research behind insect sentience and what that means for the ethical vegan trying to cause the least harm. We felt this discussion will help set the table, so to speak, for next week’s discussion.

We also do some follow up on the anti-speciesist language episode to find out where the phrase “letting the cat out of the bag” really came from, among others. 


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New featured organization: The Open Sanctuary Project – Interview with Zee Griffler here.

Listen to the original version of this episode here. 

Snopes explains the difference between cats and pigs in excruciatingly delightful detail.