This week brings the finale of our first ever Sanctuary Series. After exploring the ethics and efficacy of larger sanctuaries and prospect of microsanctuaries, we wanted to provide a starting point for those who are considering starting their own sanctuary. We speak with Zee Griffler, executive director of the Open Sanctuary Project, a freely accessible, always growing digital guide for any resources or information you need in order to responsibly create and successfully manage an animal sanctuary or to provide the best possible care to animals in order to help them live long, healthy, happy lives free of exploitation. The OSP is truly a remarkable resource, not just for sanctuary workers, but for activists of all stripes to learn more about the animals for whom we advocate for. 

We’ll also explore why you might not want to start a sanctuary. And, of course, for those not interested in starting their own sanctuary, we’ll be asking Zee plenty of tough ethical questions that might arise when navigating within the sanctuary world. 

A TRANSCRIPT can be found here.

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