The Unwind is a discussion about topics related to tech, games, gadgets, and other aspects of geek culture. Rob, Shawn, and Josiah each bring a topic they find important to the show every week. 

Episode Description

The Unwind Podcast –

Topic 1 – Sony Event
PS4 Pro

○ 4K gaming (although it sounds upscaled or something. Need to clarify)
○ Will improve PSVR
○ Will likely upscale older games not made for the PS4 Pro
○ $399 and coming out in November
○ Similar in size to the original PS4

○ Does NOT play 4k Blu Rays. I assume that this can be patched in, but it’s only possible if they use a Blu Ray drive capable of reading dual layer BDs
○ Looks a bit ugly
○ Still unsure if it’ll be THAT much faster. Unlikely to play regular PS4 games at high framerates

Not Sure
○ Have yet to see if this is worth the extra $100

Nice that all PS4s will get HDR support soon.

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Topic 2 – Apple Event
Apple Watch
○ New internals make it faster
○ Pokemon Go
▪ Note how odd it is that a company partially owned by Google is so intertwined with Apple
○ Waterproof

○ Same design (debatable if this is a negative) and size
○ No statement on battery life, which implies that it’s no better than last generation
○ Movement away from luxury brand (no gold version, focus on features over celebs and fashionable aspects)

○ Dual Camera (only for 7 Plus)
▪ Adding real time bokeh effect is amazing if it works well
▪ Weird that the bokeh effect won’t be available at launch.
○ IP67 Water resistant
○ MARIO! (not sure if it’s exclusive)
○ Starting storage size is finally 32 GB. Also, all storage sizes above that are doubled

○ Identical design to the 6/6S, which ruins the tick tock cycle. Also, the 10th iPhone is next year. Will it be the 7S?
○ Only slight battery improvements
○ Overall, feels very much like an 6S-S
○ NO HEADPHONE JACK (so much to unpack)
▪ Comes with Lightning Earpods and a 3.5mm to Lightning dongle.
▪ Despite the removal, the iPhone itself is no thinner
▪ Airpods
• Reminds me of old bluetooth headsets
• Uses bluetooth despite all marketing about “W1” chip
• Sound quality similar to regular Earpods
• Pairs really easily
• 5 hr battery life
• Can switch between Apple devices seamlessly and easily
• $159
• Looks easy to lose

Not sure yet
○ Home button isn’t mechanical anymore (it uses Taptic feedback like the Macbook)
○ Retina HD display (why label it HD if you’re not increasing resolution?)
○ Jet Black Color is likely going to be the “must have color” but it scratches easily and only comes in 128 GB and up

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