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Loose Endz – The Commentist

Loose Endz is a liveplay podcast using D&D 5e. Follow the stories of these player’s upper level adventures in this home brew world. We’re hawt, we’re gay, we’re here to play. Join us!

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LE201: The New Ship

The team has been recruited by House Lyrandar to protect an experimental airship on its run between Zilargo where the gnomes had a hand building it, and Stormhome in northern ...

LE127: Chop, Chop

The Loose Endz have discovered the purpose of the crystals, and how to lower the barrier around the great plains. Now they are using one as a homing beacon. First ...

LE126: Crystal Power

Back in Jordan's Crossing the Loose Endz have started to decide which ends they want to tighten. Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; Cody – Broc, Gnome Paladin; Colin – ...

LE125: Can Owl Bears Fly?

The Loose Endz Have finally made it back to Jordan's Crossing from their travels across the Great Planes, and are greeted by an old friend. Now they have to report ...

LE124: Full Mother Mode

The heroes survived a dethroning of the dark elf kingdom, made it out of the realm of darkness, and teleport back to the Yuan Ti city Regular Cast TheGMTim – ...

LE123: Wand of Wonder

Making deal with the dark elf prince KaZoomie The Loose Endz struggle with what their new friend is asking them. Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; Cody – Broc, Gnome ...

LE122: An Elf in the Woods

The Loose Endz have finally gotten their equipment back and escaped the dark elf king. In the forest they meet a new ally. Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; Cody ...

LE121: Mondo Back

The Loose Endz dungeon delve into the Winter King's Palace and a long time NPC is brought back with the magic of Candy night. Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; ...

LE120: It’s Not A Go-ble

The Loose Endz are presented to the King of the Dark Fey as gifts on his ascension. Can they escape? Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; Cody – Broc, Gnome ...

LE119: Enter the Fey

Loose Endz have been found by some dark elves who are a mystery in the jungle. They follow them to their city. Regular Cast TheGMTim – Dungeon Master; Cody – ...