The Loose Endz Have finally made it back to Jordan’s Crossing from their travels across the Great Planes, and are greeted by an old friend. Now they have to report back their adventures and decide what to do next

Regular Cast

TheGMTim – Dungeon Master;
Cody – Broc, Gnome Paladin;
Colin – Taaras, Aasimar Ranger;
Daniel – Khepri, Tiefling Druid;
Gerardo – Raibopb, Water Genasi Cleric;
Gray – Aelon, Half-Elf Wizard;
Raphael – Aetheryl, Half Elf Sorcerer;

Recurring Cast

Vincent – Shhh, Kenku Rogue

Guest Cast
Hanna – Kintara

Theme Music Credit: Allegro120