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Loose Endz – The Commentist

Loose Endz is a liveplay podcast using D&D 5e. Follow the stories of these player’s upper level adventures in this home brew world. We’re hawt, we’re gay, we’re here to play. Join us!

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LE108: Connections

After making a new ally, the Loose Endz decide to delve into the small part of the ruins that appear in tact and make a discovery that connects this world ...

LE107: Conducting Death

The Loose Endz found a creature trapped in some webs and fought some terrifying creatures saving them. They then started to examine their surroundings. TheGMTim – Dungeon Master & Mondo, ...

LE106: Oh What A Web

The Loose Endz have trecked off into the jungle searching for the Evil Ones, they defeated a headless giant with a mouth where it's neck should be. While taking a ...

LE105: Down The Hatch

Rested and slightly re-equipped the Loose Endz have taken a recon job for the Yuan-ti that showed them great hospitality. They are to do recon on the "evil ones" and ...

LE104: Of Queens & Gods

The Loose Endz have found Aetheryl, yet still don't know where they, their stuff, or Khepri are. Befriended by a Yuan-Ti named Zzzack, they are brought to his town to ...

LE103: I Am Zzzack

While managing to evade the ones that were chasing them through the jungle the Loose Endz have lost Aetheryl. Meanwhile, Aetheryl has made a new friend. TheGMTim – Dungeon Master ...

LE102: Dinos & Waving Fronds

Awakening from the crash of the Argus Flame the Loose Endz found themselves prisoners with all of their gear missing. They were sent out into the unknown jungle with someone, ...

LE101: New Beginings

For many months the Argus Flame had traveled the skies across the Great Plains. The Jordan had give the heroes the task: Find out what's on the other side. As ...