This week Paul and Andy continue their Ex Vegan series with an exploration of the phenomenon of the ex-vegan blogger who had to give up on their plant based diet as a result of failing health. With a number of prominent vegan YouTubers making public “why I’m no longer vegan” statements in the past few weeks, the bearded duo dive into the reasoning seen time and time again and do their best to separate the fact from the fiction. Why is it that so many folks that are hyper focused on healthy eating end up with such severe health problems? Is it possible that eating animal products could cause a drastic change in health in a matter of days? Do some people just need to eat meat? Paul and Andy tap into the expertise of Ginny Messina, The Vegan RD, for some answers and do some of their own patented wild speculation along the way.

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Andy’s top 3 vegan finds at Expo West:

Wild Brine‘s Brie

Alpha Food‘s Chicken Nuggets

Follow Your Heart‘s cream cheese

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