This week the bearded brothers talk about the We Works “meat ban” in which they announced that any food purchased with We Works money would not be allowed to be used on meat (oddly, minus fish). This means that all food provided at company functions as well as food that would be expensed under travel and entertainment. Is this a great move for the animals and the environment or is it an infringement on freedom of choice? What logistical problems are involved in enforcing this policy? Is it just virtue signaling at it’s finest? You bet that the Bearded Vegans dig in and try to find some answers.

Plus Andy recounts a Beyond Burger based tale of terror at the Alamo Drafthouse, they discuss their experience at the Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival and much much more!

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The Food:

Alamo Drafthouse(Brooklyn, NY) – Beyond Burger, or is it?

Louisville Vegan Jerky – Jamaican Jerk limited edition flavor

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