Hey beardos, this week we take a moment to catch up on some news stories that caught our interest over the last month but we just couldn’t find a space for them in the episode. We’ll try to make sense of the bizarre food labeling law developments in the EU: Vegan Burger good! Plant based milk bad? But also Oatly can’t copyright their claim that their product is “like milk, but made for humans” because everyone knows cows milk is bad? It’s enough to make your head spin! Plus attempt to sort out our feelings over an interested marking tactic from This, and do some extensive follow up on the Denmark mink situation.

A transcription is available here

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The Links:

Danish Government May Exhume Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Minks And Burn Them(Washington Post)

EU lawmakers vote for ‘veggie burgers’, take hard line on dairy labels(Reuters)

Oatly trademark rejected(World Trademark Review)

This commercial (YouTube)