Hey beardos. I wish we could say this week’s mini episode is about something uplifting. Alas, we’ll be discussing a rather tragic situation in which Denmark may be killing upwards of 15 million mink as a means of preventing coronavirus spread. To think that so many sentient beings could be killed in order to prevent the spread of a virus that was, in all likelihood, already the result of humans exploiting animals and/or encroaching on their natural habitat seems especially unjust and cruel. However, many are also speculating that this could spell the end of Denmark’s fur industry. Throw into the mix that these animals were already destined to live lives of abject misery only to become a capitalist status symbol, it brings up some really complicated feelings about this quickly evolving situation. Can we look at this as a net positive? Why are so we upset about this when these animals were going to die anyway? We’ll do our best to work through and embrace the messy feelings in this one.

A transcript will be available here on Nov 18th. 

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