This week Paul and Andy tackle two more of the big stories they missed during their break and packing them together by asking why we (the collective we) are still surprised when “vegan corporations” are horrible? Starting with Light Life attacking Beyond and Impossible in a full page ad in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Is this bold strategy going to pay off for them, and does their critique of the other brands even make sense? Is it possible this was all orchestrated to heighten the profile of all the brands involved? Or, more nefariously, is it possible the end goal was to damage the reputation of all brands and vegan meats in general? 

Paul and Andy conclude by looking at the last “vegan” company to garner much pearl clutching, Oatly. It was revealed that Trump-supporting billionaire Schwarzman’s Blackstone acquired a stake in the company. Blackstone has ties to companies destroying the Brazilian rainforest and Shwarzman personally donated $3 million to a pro-Trump super PAC. It is undeniably horrible, yet is it surprising? Is this just the cost that must be payed in order to create great accessibility for plant based products, or can we solve the problem by boycotting? 

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