This week we bring you a very classic TBV episode, both in terms of form and content. We bring back What We’ve Been Eating to talk about to briefly mention some cookbooks, recipes, and new store bought items that have been getting us through these trying times. Then we talk about Woke Ben & Jerry’s, who were recently successful in getting their Happy Cow lawsuit dismissed. Was this a victory for animals? Should we be championing B&J for all their pro-social justice advocacy lately? We conclude by dissecting an article written by someone who spent five years as a vegan but ultimately decided to switch to the term plant based (which in their view, includes some dairy) after wallowing in toxic vegan groups that thrived on shaming non-vegans. This leads us down a path bringing up a number of topics including how to be sensitive to those with eating disorders. Using the struggles of marginalized groups as scapegoats to justify animal abuse. Why some vegans feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, and so so so much more! We thought this would be a standard discussion about labels, but it churned up some much more fruitful territory. Enjoy!

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The Food:

Vegan Baking For Beginners, by JL Fields

Vegan Hamburger Helper by Sweet Simple Vegan 

Gardein Canned Soups found at V Marks The Shop 

The Links:

Judge dismisses ‘happy cow’ suit against Ben & Jerry’s (

Why I No Longer Call Myself ‘Vegan’ Even Though I Still Eat Plant-Based (

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