About a month ago we recorded this video but we held onto it in favor of releasing some more timely material. As we continue to work on some more ambitious projects, we’ve decided to release this mini episode, with an additional introduction discussing COVID and the recent protests, as well as some further relfection at the end of the episode. With that said, this week we discuss Mark Rober’s recent viral video: Building The Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder in which he constructs an eight part obstacle course that most questionably contains a catapult designed to launch squirrels right before the final reward. In the video, Mark details the efforts he has made to ensure no harm comes to the squirrels. Despite the fact that we’ve seen many vegans sharing this video without comment, something didn’t sit quite right with Andy and so we wanted to pick apart this idea that abuse and exploitation is only defined by physical harm. Is this video all just harmless fun, or is it the tip of the iceberg of something more sinister?

Transcript of the original episode HERE.

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