When Tiger King was first released, Paul and Andy quickly viewed the whole series and recorded two bonus episodes reviewing and discussing its content. While the initial release quickly gained fandom, they couldn’t have possibly predicted it would explode into full blown meme saturation. Their first two episodes were recorded days after its release, in relative isolation to the public reaction. Now, with several weeks of public discourse and meme-ification, The Bearded Vegans wanted to discuss the implications of how many viewers have reacted. Do the memes (and merch) serve to further mock these abusers or do they gloss over such atrocities for the sake of a laugh, perhaps even glorifying some heinous individuals. They’ll also ask whether the backlash against Carol is warranted, and why so many are saying there is no meaningful difference between Big Cat Rescue and other exploitive operations. 

Tiger King is a 7 part documentary series, now available on Netflix.

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