This week Paul and Andy bring back the news roundup where they discuss a variety of news stories that have recently caught their interest. Stories include Happy the elephant being denied legal personhood, the new guidelines for employers to comply with the ruling that veganism is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act, the erosion of the United State’s oldest ag-gag law, and more. The episode concludes with a lengthy discussion about Ethica Global, a company that touts their ethical vegan roots but was busted buying bacon for their employees. What started out as a simple question about the merits of vegan businesses hiring non-vegan employees turns to an exploration of why this story was reported in the first place. Things may not be as they seem!

A transcript of this episode will be available on March 4th. 

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Nic’s On Beverly(Los Angeles, CA)

The Links:


Happy the Elephant denied personhood in court, Bronx Zoo says(PIX11)

Supporting Veganism In The Workplace: A Guide For Employers(The Vegan Society)

Ag-gag laws continue to crumble under legal scrutiny(Ohio’s Country Journal)

‘Ethical’ Digital Marketing Brand Responds To Backlash Over Non-Vegan Employees (Plant Based News)

Digital agency turning away work if it’s not vegan enough(Eastern Daily Press)

Firm which trades on its veganism – but buys staff bacon butties(Eastern Daily Press)