This week The Bearded Boys dive into the world of activist burnout and self care. What are the symptoms of burnout? Is it inevitable? How can we prevent it or address it when it arises? Is self care for the privileged? Is it selfish to indulge in distraction when there is so much work to be done? This is a massive episode that includes the voices of fifteen other activists. Normally we would split such a lengthy episode up into a two-parter but after giving it much thought, we felt it was important to keep the entire discussion in tact. 

This an episode we have been wanting to do for years. In fact, we started recording interviews in preparation for this episode nearly two years ago. We discuss why it took so long, the roll that the podcast plays in both our own burnout as well as our self care. The episode culminates in a long overdue announcement about the future of the podcast. 

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Thank you to everyone who contributed their voice to this episode, in order of appearance:

Mark Hawthorne(author)

Katia Rodríguez(Vegan Outreach Mexico)

Laura VanZandt (The Herbivorous Butcher/ Bite Sized Beet)

Jose Elias (The Humane League)

Marla Rose(Vegan Street)

Areyenish Birdie (Encompass)

Emmanuel Marquez (Vegan Outreach Mexico)

Jaya Bumitra(Animal Equality)

Derrick “Doomie” Bey (Redefine Your Mind Project)

Andrea Jacobson(Balanced)

Demetria Atkinson(Redefine Your Mind Active)

Clifton Roberts(The Humane Party)

Jess Davis(Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary)

Jamila Alfred(Afro Vegan Society / The Soulful Veganista)

Muffy J Davis (Website/ Instagram)