This week Paul and Andy’s blood is boiling as they dive into a discussion about tone policing. Using an ill-conceived public statement from a prominent vegan figure, they’ll dive into what tone policing is, why it doesn’t do anyone any damn good and why it’s important to learn to stay in our lane.

They also follow up on the latest developments with #TimesUpAR, go over the news and make a few big announcements!

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The Food:

Linger(Denver, CO)

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The Links:

The Return Of Wayne Pacelle(Non Profit Chronicles)

Smithfield loses lawsuit over North Carolina hog farms(Washington Post)

Smithfield Foods Ordered To Pay Millions In Damages To Neighbors Of Hog Farms(Huffington Post)

Apiecalypse Now! takes on anti-abortion protesters(Toronto Now)

How Colorblindness Is Actually Racism(Huffington Post)

Apiecalypse Now!