This week the bearded bros have several shorter conversations (covering topics such as the 2018 Animal Rights Conference, the US premier of Dominion, and animals being afforded the same rights as humans in Uttarakhand), culminating in Paul detailing his recent visit to a wild animal sanctuary. Something didn’t sit quite right with him…and the dynamic duo are going to get to the bottom of it!

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Yoga Nature Sanctuary (Chicago, IL)

Slice of Sauce(Bo’s Fine Foods)



Animals accorded same rights as humans in Indian state(The Telegraph)

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The Ableist Fight Over Plastic Straws(Bitchmedia)

The Wild Animal Sanctuary(Keenesburg, CO)

Wild Animal Sanctuary adds 9,004-acre refuge in southern Colorado(9 News)

Petition For Rescue Groups And Sanctuaries To Adopt A Vegan Position (Brother Wolf)