Episode 93: Impossible Foods Tests On Animals

This week we have a jam packed episode starting with vegan food adventures in Philly and Baltimore and a news section dealing with the ever growing pile of news regarding Hampton Creek as well as the breaking news that Impossible Foods tested on animals in the development of their much loved Impossible Burger. We compare and contrast this news to that of Daiya’s recent acquisition by an animal testing pharmaceutical company and then move on into our review of the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference. Drawing criticism, including the hashtag #ARTooWhite, in recent years, we see if the conference has made any meaningful change in that arena and examine many other aspects. The episode concludes with an interview with Aryenish Birdie, the founder of Encompass, a new organization working to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the mainstream animal rights movement.

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Restaurants Visited:

Triangle Tavern (Philadelphia, PA)
Land Of Kush (Baltimore, MD)

Articles Discussed:
Fraud Uncovered in Target’s Removal of Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek Ready to Debut “Just Scramble”

Impossible Burger’s ‘Secret Sauce’ Highlights Challenges of Food Tech

Powerpoint from Impossible Foods

Response from IF about New York Times article

Interview: Aryenish Birdie