This week Paul and Andy talk about some delicious eats, tackle the Lone Star Tick outbreak, try to parse through what in god’s green vegan goodness is going on with Hampton Creek, and then dive into their review of the new Netflix original movie, Okja. Hailed as the next great vegan film, we’ll find out if it lives up to the hype!

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Restaurants visited:

Go Go Vegan Go (Richmond)
Vita Vegan Paradise (New York, NY)
Living on the Veg (Long Beach Island, NJ)
Kitchen Cafe (Westwood, NJ)

Articles discussed:
This Is What We Know About How The Lone Star Tick Causes Meat Allergies

Fears of tick spreading among humans whose bite makes you allergic to meat

Target Begins Removing Hampton Creek’s Products From Stores

Statement from Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek is now growing its own meat in labs—and it says it will get to stores first

Eat Just

Hampton Creek CEO Fires Top Execs After Fundraising Struggles

Interview with BJH at AVClub
Bong Joon Ho Interview at The Independant

‘Okja’: How One Visit to a Slaughterhouse Turned Bong Joon Ho Into a Vegan

Interview with the writer, Jon Ronson at Newsweek: