Episode 86: Should We Stop Eating At Vegan Restaurants That Start Serving Meat?

This week Paul and Andy rave about vegan food at the VGN MKT in Brooklyn, break down the news and then ask the question, should stop eating at (formerly) vegan restaurants that start serving meat? The discussion focuses around Erven, a restaurant in southern CA whose head chef decided that vegan food was too restrictive and wanted to “think outside the vegan box”.

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Restaurants visited:

Pocion Lounge (New York, NY)
Bunny Treats

Articles discussed:
New York City bans use of wild animals in circuses

Vegan diet leads to infant’s death, parents convicted

Undernutritition causes 45% of child deaths.

Same story, reframed as “gluten free diet kills infant”

Infant Dies After Religious Parents Feed Him a Gluten-Free Diet

Mercy For Animals Hidden Heroes Gala

Erven Santa Monica Is No Longer A Vegan Restaurant