This week, Paul and Andy discuss vegan food adventures in NC, CT and NYC, give a review of the Asheville Veganfest, break down the latest news, and move on to discuss a recent study that says vegan options are ordered more often when not labeled as vegan. Is it better for animals when these options are hidden? Does the benefit outweigh the potential inconvenience for vegans?

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Restaurants visited:
Vietgrill (asheville, NC)
Plant (asheville, NC)
Peaceful Provisions
Blossom Du Jour (NYC)
Sweet Beet (Granby, CT)
Stacey & Mom

Articles discussed:

New Montessori school will invest in more than just education

Vegetarian beef farmer gives herd to animal sanctuary

Vegan Batman Light Changing Hearts and Minds Across the U.S.

Main Discussion:

Four degrees of separation: how to sell a vegan restaurant dish