This week, Paul and Andy discuss food adventures in Cleveland before breaking down the latest news and moving on into an analysis of the National Animal Rights Day ceremonies that recently took place around the globe. Is this an effective way to convey the importance of animal rights, merely symbolic, or perhaps somewhere in between?

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Restaurants visited:
Cleveland Vegan (Cleveland, OH)
Inchin’s Bamboo Garden (North Olmsted, OH)
Metro Croissants (Cleveland, OH)
Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Cleveland, OH)

Articles discussed:

Faunalytics Study of Current and Former Vegetarians and Vegans

70 Percent of Global Population is Dropping Meat

Blueberry Farms Replacing Pigs on Prince Edward Island

New York Blood Center Reaches a Deal to Help Care for Research Chimps

Vegan Bodybuilders Win 32 Medals at 2017 Fit Games


Declaration Of Animal Rights