This week Paul and Andy finally visit Orchard Grocer, the new vegan market in NYC as well as make a return trip to the cat cafe in Philly. After some follow up and news items they then explore a new video that proposes vegans ask people to stop eating chicken instead of to go vegan. The episode concludes with an in depth interview with Jessica Shay, founder of Vegan Street Fair.

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Restaurants visited:
Orchard Grocer (New York, NY)
Kawaii Kitty Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)

Articles discussed:

Ringling Bros. tigers are headed for a German circus and animal activists are outraged

Veggin’ Out At The Ballpark

Got Milk? Too much of it, say U.S. dairy farmers

Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef, not chicken.

Matt Ball’s response

One Step For Animals

Which Request Created The Most Diet Change?

How Many Animals Does A Vegetarian Save?