Episode 82: Is A Vegan Cruise An Oxymoron?

This week Paul and Andy regale with tales of food from the NYC Veg Food Fest as well as trying the new White Castle black bean burger. Then it’s time to move into some news including Umami Burger offering the Impossible Burger covered in non-vegan ingredients and the end of Ringling Brothers. The episode concludes with a topic double header that starts by asking if vegans should ever go on a cruise and ends with a review of Norm, an inflammatory short film comparing animal abuse to sexual assault.

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Restaurants Visited:
Seasoned Vegan
Marty’s V Burger
Stoner Girl Treats and Eats

Articles Discussed:

Vegans Angry at Umami for Serving the New Impossible Burger With Lots of Dairy

All Aboard a Vegan Cruise Through the Caribbean

Cruises are terrible and “vegan cruise” is an oxymoron

Brazil ‘rescues’ cruise workers from ‘slave-like conditions’ – April 4th, 2014