Episode 79: Who Is Your Activism Really For? Analysis Of An Action Turned Violent.

In this giant whopper of an episode, Paul and Andy drool about food adventures in Indianapolis and Ann Arbor before jumping into the latest vegan news. Then take a deep dive into an analysis of a recent action involving Direct Action Everywhere members who turned violent, assaulting a bouncer and the subsequent retaliation involving pepper spray. The discussion focuses around examining if one’s activism is really for the animals or for the accolades given by their peers. The episode concludes with an in depth interview with Robin Helfritch, co-founder and director of Open The Cages Alliane whose flagship campaign, The Vegan Living Program, aims to fill a gap in vegan advocacy by offering in person support and community to new and aspiring vegans.

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Restaurants visited:
Three Carrots (Indianapolis, IN)
The Lunchroom (Ann Arbor, MI)

Articles discussed:

Even McDonald’s Is Going Vegan Now

Canadian Court Clears Activist Who Gave Water To Pigs

It’s Not Intersectional, It’s DxE: An Exposé Written By DxE’s Victims

Direct Action Leading Where?

Interview: Robin Helfritch

Open The Cages Alliance

The Vegan Living Program

The Sustainability Institute At Molloy College