Episode 78: Is Guilt An Effective Tactic For Making New Vegans?

This week Paul and Andy continue their food adventures in New Orleans before climbing up a mountain of news including a local Humane Society fundraiser that decided to serve animal flesh. the episode concludes with an in depth discussion asking whether or not attempting to invoke guilt is an effective tactic for making new vegans. The conversation specifically revolves around a form of advocacy that involves placing stickers on animal products in the supermarket that will remind the potential purchaser exactly what animal it came from.

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Restaurants visited:
Sneaky Pickle (New Orleans, LA)

Articles discussed:
‘Pork for Paws’ to help four-legged friends

Federal Court Orders Factory Farms to Report Pollution

The Next Gluten

Beauty therapist, 18, is horrified to discover an ’emotional blackmail’ anti-meat sticker proclaiming to be from a cow named Chloe on her Morrisons spaghetti bolognaise

Out of the FOG

Vegan wages war on meat-eaters by plastering supermarket shelves with graphic stickers to guilt-trip shoppers out of buying sausages, eggs and even MILK ‘because it’s Veganuary’

The Surprising Upside Of Guilt and Shame

Beyond Intractability – Guilt and Shame

Direct Action Leading Where?