Episode 77: Should Vegans Embrace Reducetarianism?

This week Paul and Andy discuss vegan food adventures in Nashville and New Orleans before dissecting the news, including a recent ban on selling animals that are from puppy mills. The episode concludes by asking if vegans should embrace reducetarianism, the movement attempting to collect vegans, vegetarians and meat reducers all under one umbrella term.

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See Paul speak at the 9th Annual Delaware Action For Animals Vegfest

Restaurants visited:
Graze (Nashville, TN)
Breads On Oak (New Orleans, LA)

Articles discussed:
Sorry vegans – plants actually ‘hear themselves being eaten, and respond’

Proposed bill aims to give ‘unwanted’ pets better shot at forever homes

Op-Ed Can’t vegans and vegetarians just get along?

Ending the battle between vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else | Brian Kateman | TEDxCUNY