This the bearded duo bring you a conversation that draws from a variety of news stories all regarding the wildly varying ways that various restaurants and butcher shops have responded to vegan protests and vandalism. While some take the high road, others resort to calling protestors terrorists. The one through line is that in every case, it seems that the end result is better publicity and more customers for the establishments being targeted. With the opposite of the desired effect being achieved, they examine what went wrong and what could be done better in the future.

Plus they break down the week’s news and visit Drop Squad Kitchen in Delaware.

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LIVE PODCAST @ Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival – July 14th (Atlantic City, NJ)

ANDY SPEAKING @ Vegfest Colorado – July 29th (Broomfield, CO)


Drop Squad Kitchen (Wilmington, DE)


All Pediatric Residency Programs End Live-Animal Training(VegNews)

Animal rights protesters charged with animal cruelty in illegal demonstration (Two Good Boys)

Bowing to pressure, a Berkeley butcher shop makes a deal with vegan protesters (Washington Post)

‘Vegan Vigilante’ Grafitti Backfires (IOL)

French butchers want protection against vegan ‘terrorism’ (Euro News)

Butchers ‘living in fear’ as vegan attacks on the rise, says Countryside Alliance (Telegraph)

French Restaurant that Served Foie Gras Will Go Vegan Due to Protests (Munchies / Vice)

Gauthier Soho