This week Paul and Andy continue their conversation regarding learning when to shut up and knowing when to pick your battles. Building off a question posed to them from a listener asking for guidance in how to have a conversation with a local farmer they then turn to other examples of times when it may be best to realize when one isn’t the best person to have the conversation with specific individuals.

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The Food:

Trilly Cheesesteaks (New Orleans, LA)

Triangle Tavern (Philadelphia, PA)

Kung Fu Hoagies (Philadelphia, PA)

Take Action:

Shame On Safeway (Food Empowerment Project – sign the petition)

The Articles:

Want To Save The Planet? Go Vegan, Study Says (News Week)

Piglet heist could land 5 Bay Area activists in prison for 60 years (San Francisco Chronicle)

Animal Activists Forcefully Remove Chickens From Petaluma Egg Farm; 40 Arrested (NBC Bay Area)