This week, Paul and Andy are joined in conversation with their dear friends Callie and Nichole, the co-hosts of Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! Podcast, to dissect the latest developments in the animal rights community as it relates to #metoo and #timesupAR. With several prominent figures in the animal welfare scene being tagged with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, they break down the timeline and discuss the implications it has for the future as well as ways in which allies can best provide support.
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During this episode we failed to properly credit the #ARTooWhite campaign to Collectively Free. Additionally, we neglected to mention their work behind the scenes attempting to hold FARM and the conference accountable. This was an oversight on our part and we should have done more research before speaking about it.

Public allegations timeline

Jan 14th

Jan 18th

Jan 25th

Jan 26th

Jan 29th

Jan 30th

Jan 31st

Feb 1st

Feb 2nd

Feb 6th

Feb 7th

Feb 8th

  • Christina Wilson comes forward about Nick Cooney, on Facebook – this time the allegations also include sexual harassment
  • Alex Hershaft posts in support of Wayne Pacelle
  • Nathan Runkle (former head of MFA, now just on the board) makes a statement on Jaya’s post

Feb 9th

Additional Information 

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