This week, Paul and Andy fawn over vegan food in NYC, answer a listener question, break down the week’s news and then respond to the age old rebuttal: “if the world goes vegan, what will happen to all the farmers?” With accusations that caring for animals means wishing hardship on those who profit from their exploitation, the beardos dig into the facts and look at what the future really holds.

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Restaurants visited:

PS Kitchen (New York, NY)
Modern Love (New York, NY)
The Cinnamon Snail (New York, NY)

Articles discussed:

A New Aquarium Opened in Times Square … And We’re Totally On Board With It


Gucci drops ‘outdated’ fur from new collections

Fur Suddenly Looks Unfashionable in the World of High Fashion

All These Jobs Would Be Lost If the UK Went Completely Vegan

This Farm In A Box Can Grow As Much Lettuce As An Acre Of Land

Growing A Nation: A Story Of American Agriculture

How The Coming Wave Of Job Automation Will Affect You And The U.S.

The optimist’s guide to the robot apocalypse

Universal Basic Income, The Answer to Automation?