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The Bearded Vegans finds hosts Paul and Andy in a discussion dissecting all things vegan. News, reviews, interviews and in depth discussion of issues within the vegan community are regular features of the show.

Episode Description

​Episode 56: How should vegans vote this November?

This week Paul and Andy discuss recent food adventures in Jacksonville and Orlando Florida before getting deep down and dirty in the muck of this political season. Will any of the presidential candidates be good for animals and should vegans support cage free ballot initiatives?

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Restaurants visited:

Sweet Theory (Jacksonville, FL)
Dixie Dharma (Orlando, FL)
Valhalla Bakery (Orlando, FL)
Ethos Vegan Kitchen (Orlando, FL)

Articles discussed:

The Humane Society calls a Trump presidency a threat to animals everywhere

A Trump presidency will be the most important victory for the animal movement.

A vegan third party candidate – Clifton Roberts and VP Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Massachusetts Voters Are About To Pass A Historic Animal Protection Law

The Fight for Cage-Free Eggs


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