This week, Paul and Andy return with tales from their Canadian travels and then follow up on the Kansas town trying to kick out Tyson, discuss the news including the recent reveal that Beyonce has had an apparent positive effect on the number of people interested in veganism and then conclude by asking if having tattoos makes someone a bad animal rights advocate? Is it imperative that we shed our cultural capital and social signifiers in an effort to appeal to more mainstream sensibilities?

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Restaurants visited:
Doug McNish (Toronto, ON)
BRGR KVLT (Toronto, ON)
Strong Hearts Vegan Cafe (Syracuse, NY)

Articles discussed:

Tyson Foods puts Tonganoxie poultry plant plans ‘on hold,’ will explore other sites

South Dakota Residents Shut Down Proposed Mega Dairy

Dutch Meat Giant Switches Focus to Plant Protein

China signs $300m deal to buy lab-grown meat from Israel in move welcomed by vegans

‘Veganism is controlled malnutrition’

ANDI food scale

Research Links Beyoncé to Rise in Veganism

Today I was told that I am not an effective animal advocate, because of my tattoos. By Lauren Marina

Tattoos in the Workplace: The Research Forbes Was Too Lazy To Do