Episode 75 – When The Trash Takes Itself Out: Saying Goodbye To Problematic Activists

This week Paul and Andy go over their food adventures in Austin Texas before discussing the latest development in the Hampton Creek sage, where the company has been cleared of all buy-back allegations. Then the duo move on to dissect the goodbye letter of an infamous activist (hint: he is the Donald Trump of veganism) who rage-quit the internet last week. The episode concludes with an interview with Alex Felsinger, the program director of Better Eating International. BEI is a brand new organization that just launched and aims to revolutionize online vegan advocacy. Additionally we discuss with Alex, his article examining the core foundations used to justify Direct Action Everywhere’s controversial techniques. This is a good one, so strap in tight!

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Restaurants Visited and Food Consumed:

Kelly’s Croutons
Chocolate Hollow
The Great Y’all (Austin, TX)
Doggie Style (Austin, TX)
Lil Nonna’s (Austin, TX)
Rabbit Food Grocery (Austin, TX)

Articles discussed:
Hampton Creek Cleared of Buyback Allegations
Contribute to the Better Eating International Kickstarter HERE

Direct Action Leading Where? Why We Need More Vegans Before We Need More Aggressive Tactics

Moral Intuition or Moral Disengagement? Cognitive Science Weighs in on the Animal Ethics Debate

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