The Unwind is a discussion about topics related to tech, games, gadgets, and other aspects of geek culture. Rob, Shawn, and Josiah each bring a topic they find important to the show every week. 

The Unwind Podcast – Episode 31 – Value of Art in Games, Tidal and Music Streaming, Is the Surface 3 the iPad killer?

Topic 1 –The Value of Art in Video Games

Topic 2 – Tidal and Music Streaming Services

Question of the Week (brought to you by Audible) – What VR experience are you most excited for?

Topic 3 – Will the Surface 3 Challenge the iPad?

How important is art in video games to you? Do you use any music streaming services?  What are you looking forward to trying in virtual reality? Will the Surface 3 become the iPad killer? Sound off in the comments!