Kiss the Crest AKiss the Crest is a show where three hardcore football (soccer) fans and guests get together and discuss news, reviews of games, transfers, politics, and more (what they already talk about every day anyway)!

Episode Description

In the pilot episode of Kiss the Crest, Shawn, Dave, and Rob introduce themselves, talk about what clubs they follow, and their favorite player. Once the intros are out of the way, the guys switch to the FIFA scandal, Sepp Blatter’s dethroning and the world cup bids. Next, they discuss the USA’s brilliant performance in the Women’s World Cup, high viewership, and turf fields in a major tournament.

After the half time break, the trio dives into all of the major summer transfers. Closing the show, they assess each of their clubs dealings in the transfer window and preview the season ahead.


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Recent Episodes

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