Hey beardos, occasionally we record an episode in one state of mind, and then a major national event happens and it feels weird to plop it down right in the middle of that. If history is any indication, the day after a presidential election is likely to be one full of pain, sadness, confusion, and just generally overwhelming. We wanted to be mindful of this and asked you what kind of episode you wanted to listen to the day after the election (since we record these about a week in advance) and the majority voted for “a distraction”. 

So, here we are, using this episode as an opportunity to talk about all sorts of bits, bobs, things that bring us joy, and general housekeeping. Personally, we often turn to our favorite podcasts in times of strife to find some comfort and normalcy, and hopefully this episode can provide that for some of you!

A transcript of the episode is available here.

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