Paul and Andy are back from their break and it looks like there was a ton of hot topics causing outrage during their absence. As they work to catch up, they start by discussing whether or not activists should start an OnlyFans as a means to sustain themselves. Now, of course, this topic was sparked specifically by one high profile plant based activist making this move. And they’ll get all up into the specific details, but they’ll also talk more broadly about the struggle of finding a balance between supporting oneself and doing activism. Should activists be paid to do activism? Why are activists expected to earn low/no wages and suffer for the cause? Why is it considered noble to sell the best hours of one’s week to create profit for someone else and then do activism on their miniscule amount of off time? Isn’t it wrong to earn money as an ally to an oppressed group? It’s a sticky, messy, grey-area filled extravaganza in this one. 

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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