In this week’s episode, The Bearded Vegans discuss an email asking if it is effective and truthful to promote veganism as a way to address the plight of slaughterhouse workers. Although this has been a talking point of many vegans in the past, recent news that slaughterhouses have become hotbeds of COVID-19 activity, resulting in the deaths of 100 workers and infections of 28,000 others has put the spotlight back on these facilities and their working conditions. Should vegans attempt to capitalize on this moment? Is this a meaningful way to show solidarity with a marginalized community? Paul and Andy talk theoretically and then look at some specific examples. They also touch on the recent Ukrainian hostage situation that was resolved when President Zelensky posted a six second video recommending that people watch Earthlings. 

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The Links:

Burger King wins dismissal of vegans’ lawsuit over Impossible Whopper(Reuters)

Hostage siege ends after Ukrainian president endorses Joaquin Phoenix film(The Guardian)

America’s Slaughterhouses Aren’t Just Killing Animals (The Atlantic)

Some Meatpackers Question New COVID-19 Safety Guidelines (NPR)

99 Slaughterhouse Worker COVID-19 Deaths Provoke Coalition To Urge #boycottmeat (PRNewswire) 


Lauren Ornelas in live feed with Naijha Wright-Brown on the Vegan Soulfest page(Facebook)