After nearly a decade of profiting off of cultural appropriation, Thug Kitchen finally announced they would be changing their name.  This news prompted strong responses from both their supporters as well as their detractors who had been attempting to hold them accountable. In this series we will take a deep dive into the history of Thug Kitchen, from their early days as a small Tumblr blog, to their ascension in the food world, becoming three time best selling cookbook authors, and all the bullshit in between. Matt and Michelle, the couple behind TK made a habit of slyly dodging their critics and employing a litany of gaslighting techniques to explain away their behavior. In part one of the series we’ll provide historical context for the outrage and accusations against Thug Kitchen, as well as hear from several of their early critics who will explain the murky world of cultural appropriation, coded language, code switching, and just what exactly is the problem with TK .

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Guest interviews:

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